De registration of NDNC

Dear All, As per new TRAI regulations, customers whose numbers are registered under Do Not Disturb (NCPR) registry will not get any BSI/BSA messages from September 27th onwards. To continue receiving services from us, please find the steps below to de-register your number from Do Not Disturb (NCPR) registry.


Send STOP 0 to 1909


Customer will receive a message with a code. E.g. “We have received a DND de-registration request for your number. Kindly confirm by replying with STOP XXXX (OPTION) within 48 hours to complete the request.


Your OPTION is Zero i.e. “0”. SO you have to simply confirm again by sending STOP XXXX 0 to 1909 where XXXX is the code that you have received in the sample message in step2


Customer will receive a message “You have been de-registered from the DND. Your reference number is XXXXXXXXXX. You can expect promotional calls & SMS to commence within 45 days